Literacy, Numeracy and Handwriting Guide for Teachers

Literacy, Numeracy and Handwriting Guide for Teachers

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Research shows that, a strong foundation in numeracy, literacy and handwriting is critical for a child's academic success.


This guide covers everything you need to know about reading, writing and mathematics for foundation phase from Preschool to Grade 3. 


  • The numeracy guide address the five strands of Mathematical Proficiency: understanding, applying, reasoning, engaging and computing. It also gives you different tools and techniques you can use to when teaching numeracy in Foundation Phase.
  • The literacy guide will take you through the different stages of reading and how you can help your students develop their literacy skills at each stage.
  • The handwriting guide addresses perceptual development (writing readiness), the different stages of writing and the purpose of each stage of writing. 


Each guide includes sample activities and an assesment for those skills.


This guide is available in two versions:

1. International standards - CAPS Complaint

2. Aligned to the Zimbabwean curriculum


    • Author: Lauren Ford
    • Publisher: Simba Education
    • Format: Paperback
    • Pages: 80


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