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Simba Preparatory School is an early years school located in Domboshava just outside Harare, Zimbabwe. Simba Preparatory School has been built as a centre for excellence. It offers an early years education that prepares young children for a changing world - teaching them 21st century skills that set the right foundation for them to thrive. Our goal is to help each child realize their potential and their dreams. Every child deserves the best early years education possible.



At Simba Education, we have an approach that looks at a child's overall development. We address their cognitive, socio-emotional and physical development.


Cognitive Development

Cognitive development is the way a child learns to think, reason, and use language, which are vital to the child’s overall growth and development.
Our school program is based on the EYFS UK curriculum but, each of our lessons are meticulously aligned with the Zimbabwe National Curriculum, to ensure a smooth transition into our students' further education. We place a special emphasis on literacy, numeracy and life skills which form the foundation of a child's learning.


Socio-Emotional Development

Social-emotional development includes the child’s experience, expression, and management of emotions and the ability to establish positive and rewarding relationships with others (Cohen and others 2005). It is how they express themselves and how they relate with others.
During their formative years, children learn through play. Playing helps young children's brains to develop and for their language and communication skills to mature. We use a rotational approach so learners can build their personal attributes and interact with others in the classroom.


Physical Development

At our school, we work with MoFitness to develop our students' gross motor skills. 
In order to grow and to meet their development milestones, children need a strong health and nutrition program. We have a vegetable garden that informs our daily menu. Our students receive a nutritious morning snack and lunch.


Individualised Learning

Our teachers  plan and access their lessons on the Simba platfom using their tablet.
At Simba Preparatory School, we are tech driven. We use the Simba platform to track our students' performance so we can focus on the areas where they need more attention. We also use animated programs to teach songs and rhymes extend our students' vocabulary, and to reinforce key concepts.



Get to Know Us



Head Teacher & Grade 1

Blessing is an absolute pleasure to work with as the leader of our school. She enjoys problem solving and has the skills to teach and train other teachers on how to empower young children with 21st century skills. Blessing specialises in ECD, specifically in literacy, numeracy and handwriting.


ECD B Bees

At Simba Education, we always put our customers first - which means only hiring the most passionate and skilled people. Rossy is no exception. A native of Domboshava, Rossy is the 3rd generation of teachers in her family. She wants to build a legacy of giving children the best education possible.



ECD B Jungle

Persistance has extensive experience in working with education technology. She has played an amazing role in ensuring the Simba platform is effectively used to enhance each child's education experience.


ECD A Ladybugs

It takes patience, gentleness and kindness to teach little kids who are starting preschool for the very first time. There is none better suited that Zvikomborero. Zvikomborero specialises in music and runs the music programming at Simba Preparatory School.



Assistant Teacher

Once a national hockey player, Dedication is a sports enthusiast who has played both cricket and basketball at a high level. Dedication runs the daily sporting program and assists the  ECD A and B classes in our rotation approach.


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